Facundo is project manager for the Contract department (large facilities and custom production). Born in Argentina, “Facu” speaks 5 languages and deals mainly with our international clients, combining with other actions at the national level.

-What is your favorite color?
Blue, mainly the darker shades.

-What decorative piece cannot be missing in your home?
A vase with fresh flowers.

-Your favorite material?
Wood, preferably in natural finishes.

-A piece you identify with…
The Discocó lamp from Marset. It is a piece that I really like and I would like to put in all my projects. –

A place to disconnect?
The mountain.

-Your favorite architect or designer?
Domenech i Montaner, and I’m not just saying that because our offices are in Casa Thomas!

-The project you are most proud of:
The Cabellut farmhouse, a small hotel with vineyards in Tarragona that I recommend visiting and tasting their cava.

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