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The Barcelona furniture store

Designer furniture shines when seen in its natural habitat, that is, even if it fits perfectly with the rest of the furniture, the pieces of the designer furniture brands we work with in the Cubiñá store are different: engineering works of immense beauty.

Imagine a chair in a crowded room, now imagine this chair in an empty one. Well, our designer furniture store in Barcelona has a very wide catalog with decoration and furniture products that are so special that they will stand out as if they were the only ones in the room.



Centennial roots

To say that Cubiñá is an interior design company or a furniture store in Barcelona is to oversimplify the history and soul of our organization. We represent a centuries-old tradition consummated in four generations that have experienced the evolution of trends in interior design over time.

Casa Thomas is our showroom located in the center of the city: an open space with two floors and more than 1,800 m2 on the Golden Mile, designed by the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner in 1895. It houses an exhibition of our most representative design furniture that serves as a piscolabis for those who want to delight in modernist architecture and part of our catalog.



A family business

Edgar Cubiñá is the fourth generation of the Cubiñá family at the head of this project. A company that grows every day to be able to help professionals, entrepreneurs and individuals when carrying out the design of their spaces. The Cubiñá team, which has extensive experience at the head of several contract and residential projects, has become the great ally of interior designers, architects and all those people who seek to enjoy designer furniture at home or business with high resistance and quality.

Before getting fully involved in the family business, Edgar Cubiñá began his career in the world of communication, then moving on to catering and tourism where he was able to gain experience in team management and business development that they have helped him take the reins of Cubiñá and know what his partners are looking for.



Modern designer furniture for the home

What is the difference between a house and a home? It is incredible how the human being adapts and manages to take the spirit of home as if it were a talisman, always on, giving us warmth. Releasing those ethereal qualities that make up the idea of home is what makes us decide for one decoration or another.

The design furniture are decisions pushed by that idealized idea of home that makes us feel comforted when the spaces of a house are filled little by little, revealing the aspect that will have that special area as a companion of experiences in your future routine: unique, like you.

Hall, living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom… all the rooms dressed for the dance of life with the design furniture in Barcelona that Cubiñá brings you.


The set
of lights

Night falls and the lighting chooses who is the new protagonist on the stage of your home. It gets dark and you can still see corners where the sun that enters through the window still does not reach and remain in darkness: the light is once again the key.

And is that, for a room to shine in all its splendor, it is necessary to get a decorative lighting that puts the focus where we want.

But what if the lamps were also part of the decoration itself? So it happens with the design lamps that we have in Cubiñá, brilliant in every way!


Brands that redefine quality

Every night, the Cubiñá team rests wonderfully well. Knowing that the products we work with and recommend to our clients are from the best furniture brands, nationally and internationally, that carry with them the reality of being designer furniture of exceptional quality is something that makes us feel at ease and confident that our work is well done.

We are the sole distributors of some brands of furniture and decoration, making it even more exclusive if possible to have access to their original designs. In addition, we have leading and recognized brands that will allow you to create spectacular, versatile and modular spaces.

Wood, metal, leather, fabrics, rope? Quality natural materials in which we trust naturally. Centuries working them to achieve impossible shapes, the result of the most brilliant minds in furniture design.
We do not forget the plastic: recycled, recyclable and that stands out for its functionality and ease of sterilization, an essential requirement for places with a large number of people.



Interior design with essence

A space that passes through Cubiñá artists has the essence of art itself. Different areas that stand out and leave their mark in the memory of whoever passes by. Each environment is a piece that must fit, not only with the people who will inhabit it, but with the very idea of what it was conceived for.

In interior design, beauty is intrinsic to functionality. Each element seeks its utility, creating the inconceivable and paradoxical balance between order and chaos. The order of having its specific place within its conception, the chaos of using it and giving it a new place constantly, following the organic flow of its use and the needs of those who give life and inhabit each room.

Magical interior design through the spaces created with Cubiñá furniture.

Fascinating exteriors

The design of the outdoor area has to match the interior. Terraces, patios, balconies, lounges, beach clubs… created with the same care and detail with which the interior spaces are designed. From interior to exterior design.

The outdoor design furniture is made with materials and finishes resistant to the inclemency of the weather and to the regular and repeated use for which they were designed. Because enjoying the outdoors is a privilege that we should enjoy as it deserves.



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