So that we can get to know her a little better, Clara wanted to share with us some of her secrets, preferences and concerns… If you come to CUBIÑÁ, she will surely help you make your dreams come true!

– What is your favorite color?
Green tones, darker than light.

– What decorative piece cannot be missing in your home?
Complementary lighting as a resource to transform the space.

– Your favorite material?
The X-Glass by Lago or the Stone and Marble by Desalto.
I like suppliers that innovate with materials.

– A piece with which you identify yourself…
The Prado sofa by Lignet Roset. It’s unique.
Reinvents the sofa concept to adapt it to different lifestyles.

– A place to disconnect?
A yoga session. Anywhere!

– Your favorite architect or designer?
French architect and designer Jean Nouvel.

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