Cubiñá is an official distributor of Ondarreta furniture with an exhibition in its store in Barcelona, where you can see and enjoy their current design furniture.

A very northern brand

Ondarreta is a Spanish furniture company that was founded in the Basque Country in 1975. They design and produce chairs, tables, and stools with a versatile, functional, and environmentally responsible designs. 

Ondarreta carefully selects the sources of its products and materials. The materials used to create them are handled by craftsmen to create innovative, responsible, and sustainable shapes and products. 

The collection presented by Ondarreta is reminiscent of its essence, fixed in the north, in which its products show versatility, style, and design as a competitive and differentiating value. It is a lively, intense, and deep collection.

Ondarreta is wood

Ondarreta has a passion for wood. Its pieces, created to be full of character, are a diverse selection for those who want to be seduced by its beauty and designs. There are tables with a warm aesthetic and an extensive collection of finishes, so you can find the style that best suits your home.

The most emotional aspect of the brand

Ondarreta seeks to make furniture that aims to bring people together. They intend to achieve this goal by reviving old places and making the most of the new ones, trying to produce the magic of the union between two or more people. These objectives are achieved by maintaining the search for evolution in order to stay at the forefront of new trends while maintaining inherited standards.



Their designers and teachers


Rafael Moneo


Jean Louis Iratzoki


Pascual Salvador


Jorge Pensi


What does Ondarreta offer?