Cubiñá is an official distributor of the ICF furniture brand with an exhibition in its stores in Barcelona, where you can see and enjoy the most avant-garde office furniture.

Office spaces with unique value

ICF’s philosophy revolves around people and their daily commitments: craftsmanship and highly specialised machinery give life to unique details. From the shape of the aluminium die-castings to the craftsmanship of the upholstery, everything translates into impeccable objects exuding exclusivity and beauty.

Innovation as a sign of identity

For more than sixty years, ICF has been providing the best in terms of form, quality, value, and efficiency through its products. A history of design and a love for research and experimentation. Collaborations with designers and architects who have made design history have reflected the ability to anticipate the needs and methods of an ever-evolving working world.

Experts in transforming market challenges

Only their expert hands know how to transform precious materials into unique objects, studied in every detail and become reality through passion and dedication. And, thanks to the know-how passed down from generation to generation, the artisan tradition remains alive and ready to respond to the challenges of the market, making the best use of the most advanced industrial machinery to create products in line with the customer’s needs.

Every product adapted to every need

ICF items reside in different spaces such as: multinational offices, banks, hotels, hospitals, airports, museums, and conference centres. Whether executive offices, open spaces, or large public areas, a common, international, and effective language is recognisable.


What does ICF offer?