Cubiñá is an exclusive official distributor of Houe furniture with an exhibition in its Barcelona store, where you can see and enjoy the best indoor and outdoor environments of this prestigious brand.

Houe is a brand that was founded in 2007 in Denmark, which combines comfort and design with an emphasis on product development, thereby directing its efforts to meet a high level of craftsmanship.


The brand defines itself as affordable luxury outdoor and indoor furniture with international appeal.

Its closely established factories

Each of Houe’s products is created in well-established factories that have been around for years. They are not driven by large mass production: every detail, material, or component is painstakingly selected and invented by the brand’s team of professionals. 


Their philosophy pushes them to create unique items, choosing the most suitable materials and solutions.

Creations through household waste

Houe makes a 360º turn, beginning to see household waste as a resource rather than a problem by creating furniture made from the domestic plastic waste that is recycled on a daily basis.


Their furniture is meant to offer comfort and style, inviting enjoyment. Their look is distinctive.


FALK, NAMI, AND ReCLIPS are some of the creations that were formed from this movement. Discover them!



Their designers and teachers


Henrik Pedersen


Roee Magdassi


Thomas Pedersen


Hans Thyge & Co


What does Houe offer?