Cubiñá is an official and exclusive distributor of Désirée furniture with an exhibition in its stores in Barcelona, where you can see and enjoy the most avant-garde upholstery of this prestigious brand.

The upholstery brand par excellence

Désirée has been the upholstery brand of the Euromobil Group since 1995. The company, active in the province of Treviso, produces sofas, armchairs, beds, and furnishing accessories such as rugs and pouffes, which are combined with the design philosophy “Home soft home,” a special ability to interpret and recreate the cosy and pleasant atmosphere typical of the domestic environment, where you can feel emotions with each of its designs.


Each product is created to be comfortable but also sophisticated, with a design that is always distinctive and full of uniqueness.


The details combine functionality and aesthetics, always manifesting their own reason for design, and are made through a very careful process. All Désirée upholstery is the result of courageous ideas and creative dialogues with internationally renowned designers with whom the company constantly collaborates.

100% Made in Italy - Highly comfortable materials

The quality of the products we offer exclusively from Désirée is guaranteed by a production process that is entirely Made in Italy: every phase of work—from the cutting of the fabric, to the sewing, to the lining, to the coating and packaging—is carried out under the strictest controls by the company’s highly qualified personnel.


All materials are selected to offer safety and comfort, from the padding—capable of distributing the weight of the body—to the reliability of the supporting structures, to the fabrics and leathers of the linings.

They set themselves apart by being environmentally friendly

The demands of contemporary living are not only focused on design and comfort, but also on ecology. Désirée uses only natural and environmentally friendly raw materials such as wood, metal, or leather, and it is all fully recyclable. In addition, to protect the product, Désirée’s packaging is 100% recyclable and features nylon and cardboard protection with a heat-sealed closure.



Their designers and teachers

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