Cubiñá is an official distributor of CasaDesús furniture with an exhibition in its Barcelona store, where you can see and enjoy the avant-garde design of this prestigious brand.

Another form of avant-garde design

The CasaDesús brand was founded by Cubiñá in 1973 by Jordi Cubiñá together with Jaume Casadesús. Today, it is a purely family business guided by a spirit of avant-garde design, and is committed to quality, innovation, functionality, and comfort in all its products.

Focused on creating modern designer products, they do not cast aside traditional knowledge thanks to their extensive experience. At CasaDesús, the entire production process is carried out from start to finish, which implies exhaustive quality control as well as the ability to customise products.

Obsessed with the perfection of an accumulation of minimal details, they find a way to a style of living that is destined to fill the most welcoming homes of today. A markedly recognisable CasaDesús lifestyle.

Its most innovative designers

CasaDesús works closely with renowned designers from both Italy and Spain. From these relationships come ideas, concepts, products, collections, finishes, etc. which project them both nationally and internationally, positioning them worldwide and making the brand globally successful.



Their designers and teachers

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