Alma Light

Cubiñá is an official distributor of Alma Light with an exhibition in its stores in Barcelona, where you can see and enjoy the lighting of this prestigious brand.

Lighting to create atmosphere

The Alma Light lighting brand was founded in 1989 by Cristian and Estefanía Cubiñá, in Barcelona. At first, they were dedicated to the distribution of lighting fixtures in Spain, but in 2003, they decided to set aside the distribution aspect and start producing their own brand.

Alma Light is the desire to achieve greater autonomy and product development that fit more with their design concept, putting their expectations in opening new markets. From that moment on, the brand has specialised in the creation of decorative lamps and the production of special lighting fixtures for installations.

Today, they are known both nationally and internationally.

The design of contemporary light

Alma Light carries out a project that places Latin harmony at the centre of its designs. The Spanish brand’s products are strongly influenced by regional charm, an element that is repeated in the choice of colours and in the constant search for innovative and minimalist aesthetic canons.


The company pays constant attention to its designs and develops its projects through a craftsmanlike working method in which they value sensitivity to detail and obsessive care in the selection of raw materials, chosen with quality and sustainability in mind. 


Alma Light’s entire production process is supervised by designers of consolidated fame and experience who control every phase of the project to guarantee the perfect correspondence between the initial vision of the idea and making it a reality.

Made in Barcelona

Alma Light’s products, all of them “Made in Barcelona,” are articulated in a wide range of interior lighting products, such as suspended lamps, ceiling lights, wall lamps, floor lamps, and table lamps, and feature multiple designs ranging from minimalist creations, perfect for illuminating modern spaces, to items characterised by softer lines, Mediterranean colours, and bold shapes. 

Functionality, good taste, and quality are the features that also characterise the collections developed by Alma Light for outdoor spaces. For the outdoors, the Catalan company also offers a varied and rich series of wall, table, and floor lamps, as well as other original lighting ideas.



Their designers and teachers


Jordi Llopis


Cristian Cubiñá


Josep Novell


Ernest Perera


Oriol Llahona


Josep Puig i Cabeza


Javier Taberner


What does Alma Light offer?