Descuento especial socios Real Club de Polo de Barcelona

Descuento especial socios Real Club de Polo de Barcelona

Mesa Arc de Molteni Mesa-escultura de diseño italiano que se inspira en las tecnoestructuras de los edificios modernos. Pie moldeado en un bloque único de cemento “ligero” resistente, en varias medidas, con sobre ovalado o redondo en mármol o cristal. A partir de 4.478 IVA incluido 15% de descuento para socios del RCPB en Cubiñá.

Casa Les Punxes x Cloudworks

Cloudworks opens, designed by Circular Studio, its 13th coworking center in Barcelona in a unique and innovative space of 1500 m2, located in the iconic Casa Les Punxes, in the middle of Avenida Diagonal, where Cubiñá Contract has contributed with custom production pieces as well as a selection of creative and innovative catalogs.

Tejada Mar Restaurant

Em Studio Barcelona trusts Cubiñá Contract for the furniture of Tejada Mar Restaurant, on the promenade of Sant Sebastià beach, in Barcelona.
Brochure Outdoor 2021

Brochure Outdoor 2021

A careful selection of outdoor furniture and special accessories to renew our outdoor space this summer.
Interview in La Vanguardia

Interview in La Vanguardia

Interview published in La Vanguardia with Edgar Cubiñá a year after assuming the management of the company, which highlights the changes introduced and the projection forecast.

Sivasdescalzo Headquarters

Furniture is an important part of this Antoni Pallejà project. The work tables, made to measure by Cubiñá, are made up of an extruded and anodized aluminum profile structure, with a technological appearance. Finalist project for the FAD 2021 awards.

Cupra presentation

Event at the Terramar circuit in Sitges (Barcelona) for the international presentation of the New Cupra Leon and the range of Volkswagen group brand vehicles, by Dicom Events.

BiBO Flamenco Bar & Tapas

The most traveling line of Dani García Group, lands in a gastronomic space at Malaga airport by the hand of Áreas and the magic that only Lázaro Rosa-Violán Studio can give to its projects, which once again trusts Cubiñá Contract to the furniture.

FAD: Finalist project with CUBIÑÁ furniture

we are very proud to have participated in the furniture project of Sivasdescalzo headquarters, signed by Antoni Pallejà Aloy and Naïm Vilaseca Criballés, finalist in the FAD Interior Design Awards 2021. The jury has valued the eclectic combination of materials capable of creating a singular interior landscape.
Barcelona is fashion

Barcelona is fashion publishes an extensive report entitled “Cubiñá: the wise combination of design, quality and customer service”, in which the showroom at Casa Thomas and the history of the company are particularly noteworthy.

Talent Creatiu i Empresa 2021

Talent Creatiu i Empresa 2021

One more year, we are proud to participate in the "Talent Creatiu i Empresa" awards organized by the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya and that, in this edition, had two winners, as it was impossible to decide on just one due to the quality of the proposals.

Residential housing

Jordi Puig trusts Cubiñá to breathe life and comfort into this beautiful terrace of a residential home. The spectacular Papadatos sofa integrates perfectly.
We already have a winner to our draw

We already have a winner to our draw

BOLITA lamp by Marset will be for @dinarq_ who correctly answered our question on Instagram: "How many generations have Cubiñá been dedicated to the world of design?" It is currently the fourth generation. Congratulations!!
Webinar Top Interior Design Projects

Webinar Top Interior Design Projects

We sponsor the Webinar Top Interior Design Projects organized by Grupo Vía, in which we participate together with leading interior design professionals, who share some of their latest work and reflections on the future of interior design in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and shops or leisure spaces.
Meet... Josep Martínez

Meet... Josep Martínez

Josep is our Technical Director. The most important installations we carry out fall into his skillful hands. Josep, a training draftsman, knows our premise better than anyone: everything, absolutely everything that we project and produce, ends well if we succeed in what we call "the moment of truth", which is none other than the installation and final assembly in the work. Nothing would make sense without this moment, and we are very proud to have a professional of his stature.
Shooting for HARPER'S BAZAAR

Shooting for HARPER'S BAZAAR

Cubiñá's special showroom at Casa Thomas was the setting chosen for the September Shooting of the exclusive Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Don't miss it!
Instagram contest: Guide your telework well

Instagram contest: Guide your telework well

We wanted to give away wellness and design during confinement, and from Cubiñá we organized a raffle on Instagram in collaboration with Fis Interiorismo and the Spanish furniture firm Ondarreta. The prizes were 3 Feng-Shui packs and a fantastic Bob XL chair. We are very happy that we were able to make our winning Instagrammers a little bit happier... Congratulations!
Meet... Clara Hernández

Meet... Clara Hernández

Clara wanted to share with us some of her secrets, preferences and concerns... If you come to CUBIÑÁ, she will surely help you make your dreams come true!

This is how kids see us

During the months of confinement, we asked kids to give us their most special vision of us... And we couldn't be happier with the results! The enthusiasm of the participants in our first drawing contest was maximum and we want to share the winning drawings.
Casa Thomas in TotBarcelona

Casa Thomas in TotBarcelona dedicates an extensive report to Casa Thomas, highlighting the task of restoration and updating and its current use as a Cubiñá Showroom.
TV3 in our showroom

TV3 in our showroom

Our showroom became a television set to record a piece about "Lazy" from the TV3 program "Quan arribin els marcians". Jofre Font enjoyed some of the most exclusive pieces in our catalog to end up “resting” on the surprising Fluttua bed by Lago.
Meet... Ferran Coello

Meet... Ferran Coello

It has been around 25 years since Ferran Coello joined the company, when it was still 'La Favorita'. Currently, he continues working side by side with great professionals, both interior designers and architects, in the selection of products for their interventions, and consolidating Contract as one of the current pillars of Cubiñá.


We were at the Closing Party of FACE TO FACE WITH ARCHITECTURE By Mónica Galindo. Cubiñá Contract supporting as always the creative architectural projects of the sector. It was a pleasure to participate and enjoy so much effort with excellent results. And congratulations to the winners!
"Talent Creatiu i Empresa" award

"Talent Creatiu i Empresa" award

At last we have been able to make the awards ceremony a reality in recognition of the "Talent Creatiu i Empresa" Innovation Program project of the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Congratulations to the winners of l'Escola Art i Superior de Disseny d'Olot!
Cubiñá & Barcelona Design Week 2020

Cubiñá & Barcelona Design Week 2020

We are once again present at the Barcelona Design Week. From November 17 to 28 you can enjoy in our showroom with @Thetableknifeproject, a project that aims to create unique objects without damaging the ecosystem and sell them for a good cause. The funds raised will go to #fundacióelllindar, a school that provides guidance and support to adolescents and young people excluded from the educational and social system. COME AND SUPPORT THE CAUSE!


This farmhouse is a unique Heritage. We have collaborated in the redesign of its interiors where wood is the essential. Good gastronomy, signature Mediterranean cousine and a special atmosphere located in a unique place.


CUBIÑÁ HOME intervened in the renovation of the lobby of this hotel, located in the heart of the city, on the Ramblas, and with 131 rooms. The spacious and new lobby is designed with warm colors, granite floors, wood paneled walls and comfortable sofas. Study: FUSION INTERIORS GROUP.


After a decade triumphing in the difficult and saturated gastronomic panorama of Moscow, Adrián returns to Mallorca to offer us his enriched, expert and international gastronomic vision, always with the Mediterranean filter. In this case, Adrián has relied on the services of CUBIÑÁ CONTRACT to update all the furniture.

Meet... Jordi Casellas

Veteran in our ranks of CUBIÑÁ, Jordi Casellas, expert in the field and impeccable in his work. To get to know it better, we ask you to share some of its secrets...

AIREA - service area

Airea is a new service area concept that gives the traveler a break and offers a new experience to customers. The mixed concept of Airea integrates the two main business models (hotel and retail) in the same commercial space with an agile and operative furniture, which has been selected with the aim of improving the traveler's experience, in a framework that facilitates rest in a friendly environment without visual barriers.

We celebrate the 10th INTERIOR & RETAIL FORUM in our showroom at Casa Thomas

The event, organized by Grupo Vía, was attended by OUIEAH !, Ylab Arquitectos, Studioapart, Ovicuo Design, Ingenia Group, Isern Serra & Sylvain Carlet and Isabel López Vilalta + Asociados. Nearly a hundred professionals attended the tenth edition of the Forum of Interior Design & Retail, it was a total success of the call, we are very proud of the great reception it had, we appreciate your assistance and we wait for you in the next we do.

Alba Granados Restaurant

Cubiñá participates in the assembly of this restaurant located in Barcelona, designed by Carlos Martínez Interiores. The decoration project is based on the New York Loft concept, with touches of French bistro.

We were at the alent Creatiu i Empresa awards

We were proud to collaborate with the awards "Talent Creatiu i Empresa created by the Generalitat de Catalunya in its Department of Education. We shared the day with young people with great ideas and much ingenuity that brought freshness, great imagination and much enthusiasm in their projects.

Cala Rossita Restaurant

Cubiñá has equipped the new restaurant Cala Rossita, designed by Carlos Martínez Interiors to evoke the interior of the great classic sailing ships. The objective of this elegant space, located in the recently renovated Diagonal Mar shopping center in Barcelona, is to make the diner feel inside a maritime scene. Photographs: Eugeni Pons


CUBIÑÁ CONTRACT has worked at the Tapa Tapa restaurant in Las Arenas shopping center, another of our projects for AN Grup. We are very happy with the final result... Don't miss it!


A new restaurant with an open kitchen located in the middle of it. We can find different spaces in the same environment, as well as a practical and very colorful entrance. A project by Cuca Arraut Interiors that combines furniture of its own manufacture with unique pieces from national and international manufacturers.


It was an honor to have participated in the first CAFE NBA in Europe located in Barcelona, for which we were chosen under the orders of Lázaro Rosa-Violán Studio for the leading restoration group, AN GRUP. CUBIÑÁ was in charge of all the furniture, including all the pieces of own manufacture for special designs.

Aperol Spritz Terrace

CUBIÑÁ has made another project during this time, participating in the first Aperol Spritz terrace in Barcelona. A privileged space located next to the sea in the best area of the Port. The "Terraza Aperol Spritz" has become the fashionable place with the best views of the sea.

Barcelona Design Week approached and CUBIÑÁ hosted one of its events

CUBIÑÁ invited you to one of the events that took place within the Barcelona Design Week program organized by BCD (Barcelona Center de Disseny) together with the FAD (Arts and Design Promotion). Varlet Design presented its new "RESORT COLLECTION", of "varlets". Useful accessories used as handbag holders for hospitality and, in this case, have been produced with fishing nets recovered from the ocean...


A new space in the commercial center of Madrid destined to be the flagship of the firm. A covered terrace where CUBIÑÁ CONTRACT has worked in all the custom furniture. Do not miss the tropical garden!


Own production of most furniture combined with some pieces of Nordic style. An interior design, by El Equipo Creativo, with a lot of wood, a lot of vegetation and a relaxing and pleasant result and a very charming terrace in the Passeig de Gràcia.

Meet... Andrés Cores

He joined Cubiñá, Andrés Cores, an interior designer with a unique point of view that will bring personality to your dreams. To get to know it better, we ask you to share some of its secrets ... What is your favorite color? Gray. / What decorative piece can not be missing in your home? Small accessories in black. / Your favorite material? Wood, preferably ebony. / A piece with which you identify ... Any of the teacher Gio Ponti, for Molteni & C. / Your favorite architect or designer? Mies van der Rohe.


CUBIÑÁ participated in the renovation of the 2 terraces of the Hard Rock Café, Plaza de Catalunya in Barcelona. New chairs, modern tables and some planters that helped give a greater personality to the space.

BCD - Hotel Experience throught Design 2019

We began our stage as BCD partners by providing unique pieces of furniture for the "Hotel Experience throught Design" event that took place this last month at the Disseny Hub in Barcelona.

Salt Beach Club

Recent intervention to update the genuine terrace-Beach Club of the W Hotel Barcelona. A careful selection of the most current and innovative designs and materials for, in front of privileged views on the banks of the Mare Nostrum and the most cool and carefree atmosphere of Barcelona, create a unique renovated space in the city of Barcelona.

IESE - Doing Good, Doing Well 2019

IESE Business School organized the largest event in Europe in Responsible Business. From Cubiñá we returned to support the edition of this year 2019 providing our furniture.

Mextizo Restaurant

CUBIÑÁ participated in the Mextizo restaurant project, a new place that fuses the Mediterranean and the essence of Mexico, its culture and gastronomy. Capella García Arquitectura was at the head of the project where they did a marvelous job translating gastronomic fusion to the design of the space and creating a unique and unique atmosphere.


CUBIÑÁ participated in this special assembly of the WAY restaurant, the most surprising terrace in Mahón (Menorca) with a native menu and the best cocktails on the island. A restaurant in Menorca from China, passing through CUBIÑÁ.


We present the new advertising image 2019. We know that our clients are special people who find unique pieces in Cubiñá that fit their personality. And so we wanted to reflect it!

Residential housing

Spectacular intervention by the EDUARDO EGOZCUE INTERIORS studio in this house in the upper area of Barcelona. A unique selection of pieces from firms such as Molteni & C, Vibia, Punt Mobles, Ethimo, Bonaldo or Casadesús.

Restaurant Bravo 24 (W Hotel)

CUBIÑÁ participated both on the terrace and in the interior of this emblematic venue. To highlight the work we carry out for the manufacture of the tables, developed in our workshops, with materials such as walnut and glass, managing to reflect the geometric details and the sobriety of the space. All this at the orders of the studio at the head of the project, Tarruella Trenchs Studio.

Beko - F.C. Barcelona

A different intervention in an emblematic space: the lounge that BEKO has in the F.C. Barcelona. Under the command of the German interior design studio Trojan Works, and supported by companies such as PUNT MOBLES and KFF, to create a suggestive and elegant atmosphere.

Alicante Airport - Santagloria

Santagloria is a new space that gives a respite to the traveler who passes through the Alicante airport. A new project for the Group Areas under the baton of the GAC-3000 cabinet.

Olivia Balmes Hotel

We collaborate in the Olivia Hotel in various spaces such as the lobby, the terrace or its meeting rooms. New facilities worked on the basis of the most current design and the most avant-garde materials, carefully selected or designed. A job for which we put ourselves under the orders of GCA Arquitectes Associats.


CUBIÑÁ CONTRACT has participated in the furniture project for the Citrus Restaurant in Barcelona (AN Grup). A project by El Equipo Creativo with whom we have gotten along from the first moment to achieve a final result of which we are very proud. The project is summarized in a careful seating and a staging with spectacular custom tables, own production of CUBIÑÁ CONTRACT.

Como Sants - FGC

CUBIÑÁ participated in the integral renovation of this unique and modern 1,230 m² space located in the Renfe-Sants station in Barcelona. COMO is the new badge with which the AREAS Group intends to respond to new trends in train stations by opening them more and more to their urban environment.


Luigi is much more than a good Neapolitan restaurant where you can taste quality gastronomy, it is an experience by itself and with that unmistakable look that Carlos Martínez's team knows how to print on their projects. We are proud to have been able to collaborate on providing all the furniture, a fusion between unique pieces designed by the studio and some of the most recognized firms on the international scene.


Different environments for all audiences. A wonderful challenge that has been successfully completed. By night or by day, a place that changes and that we love. Thanks to Varis Arquitectes for trusting in Cubiñá Contract for this occasion.

Brassa Ria restaurant

At the orders of the well-known CARLOS MARTINEZ INTERIORS studio, we have collaborated in the interior furniture of the Brassa Ria restaurant, located in Casablanca, Morocco. A house brand decoration project, based on a suggestive Mediterranean bistro image.


CUBIÑÁ CONTRACT has worked on the refurbishment of the hall and offices of the new building for the rectory. We have produced custom furniture in our workshops, complementing the intervention with firms such as Pedrali, Bralco, Enea, Sentat and Actiu. A great result of which we are very proud.

Amélie Experience

A totally exclusive gastronomic space located in the Pessons Lake, in the ski resort of Grandvalira and at 2,307 meters high. We made the intervention for the assembly of this terrace-lounge space, creating an exclusive atmosphere to enjoy the gastronomy, nature and the most "cool" and sybaritic people. Impeccable project developed for Join Interior Architecture.

Residential project

M3interiors once again relies on Cubiñá for a residential interior that has the Hvítserkur, known as the Icelandic King Kong, as a source of inspiration. The studio reinterprets the grooves of the volcanic sand, the majestic stone and the particular Icelandic sky, and create a space with a strong personality in which traveling from home is possible.


Location, organic materials and that unique environment that wood offers by the sea… A project of the Esencia Group, in charge of VARIS ARQUITECTES and located in Port Vell. Unique!


CUBIÑÁ CONTRACT has collaborated in the comprehensive remodeling of this unique resort on the Costa Brava. At the orders of GAC-3000 we have produced custom pieces, modeling different types of wood under such contemporary premises as the use of noble materials, organic lines and the concept of a Mediterranean ecology in an exceptional enclave.


CUBIÑÁ CONTRACT signs and produces this project in the new offices that the Group opens in Esplugues. A relaxing, welcoming and multifunctional environment where you can hold a meeting, eat something or attend a presentation

L'Olivé Restaurant

New remodeling project for an emblematic restaurant in Barcelona. At the orders of Lázaro Rosa-Violán studio, we work on all custom furniture, as well as upholstery, benches and chairs. The intervention covered the two main rooms, the reception and private spaces.

Ovoclinic Barcelona

Cubiñá Contract takes the lead in the comprehensive renovation of the Ovoclinic Fertility Clinic in Barcelona. We are very proud of the result and of the of the words that its CEO, Enrique Criado, dedicated to us: “you have won a client forever”.


Under the orders of Mercè Borrell, CUBIÑÁ has participated in the project of the new terrace of the Hotel Monument. A modern and luxurious hotel located in the emblematic Passeig de Gràcia of Barcelona, facing the Pedrera and a few meters from the Casa Batlló. Projecting in it the timelessness, elegance and innovative design of the hotel's interiors.


Cubiñá Contract has collaborated in the last opening of Atic Group Business Centers, a unique and avant-garde 2,400m2 space, in the heart of Barcelona's Eixample. We have worked under the orders of the architect Carles Gelpí and his team from the Architecture & Interior Design studio 2BMFG Arquitectes. Developer: EDIPRESSE. Photos: Eugeni Pons.

Crep nova - La maquinista

We put ourselves at the service of the prestigious Carlos Martínez Interiors studio in the spectacular renovation of Crep Nova in La Maquinista shopping center, in Barcelona. The result, brand of the house "Martínez": character and personality. Photos: Eugeni Pons


e are happy to have participated in the interior design of this prefabricated family home. A surprising architecture that will give a lot to talk about in many Media in the sector. Unique pieces from firms such as Ligne Roset, Molteni or Santa & Cole, chosen to give each of its corners its own personality. Happy owners, Happy us!

Hotel NH Suecia

Casa Suecia a new proposal in Madrid by Chef Lluís Canadell. A hotel that has recently become part of the Collection hotels collection of the historic NH chain and called to be a reference in the center of Madrid. Once again, we had the honor of working under Lázaro Rosa-Violán studio.

Amélie Paris restaurant

A new project of "The House of Oysters", in this case located in the select Place de la Madeleine. Under the direction of the London LXA studio, an exclusive and modest project was developed, with pieces from the most exclusive international catalogs.


CUBIÑÁ was chosen as the reference supplier for the furniture supply of the Fort Drum service area, located in the Florida turnpike, USA. A huge project carried out by the GAC 3000 studio, and which involved both the production of custom furniture and the homologation of design furniture for each of the different restoration concepts.

W Hotel Barcelona

Spectacular restyling in the lobby of this emblematic hotel of the Marriott chain. An own intervention of CUBIÑÁ where we have used the new Buddy collection of Pedrali to create a versatile and friendly image to this preferred space of the hotel. Sure to give much to talk about!