Meet... Ferran Coello

Meet... Ferran Coello

It has been around 25 years since Ferran Coello joined the company, when it was still 'La Favorita'. Currently, he continues working side by side with great professionals, both interior designers and architects, in the selection of products for their interventions, and consolidating Contract as one of the current pillars of Cubiñá.

A favorite color?
On a decorative level, I like neutral tones that last over time and create warm and cozy atmospheres. But, if we play Parcheesi, without a doubt the blue one, and if it is already "caught", the green one.

A decorative piece that cannot be missing in your home
My "Patio", a battery-operated outdoor lamp. Since then, there are many more dinners on the terrace of the house.

Your favorite materials?
Wood and stone. There are countless stones that can make our piece special and unique (marble, granite, quartzite ...) The same thing happens with wood, which also transmits warmth.

Which Designers / Architects attract your attention the most?
I like the simplicity of Miquel Milà, the elegance of Patricia Urquiola and the effectiveness of Lievore's designs.

A place to disconnect
Anywhere is good next to mine, but in solitude, I love to sit under the shade of a tree, with a good novel in hand.