Meet... Jordi Casellas

Veteran in our ranks of CUBIÑÁ, Jordi Casellas, expert in the field and impeccable in his work. To get to know it better, we ask you to share some of its secrets .... - What is your favorite color? Green. - What decorative piece can not be missing in your home? Decorative warm light lamp. - Your favorite material? Miscellaneous: Wood, stone, copper ... - A piece with which you identify ... FAD lamp by Miguel Milá. - A place to disconnect? High mountain. - Your favorite architect or designer? Ricardo Bofill

We celebrate the 10th INTERIOR & RETAIL FORUM in our showroom at Casa Thomas

The event, organized by Grupo Vía, was attended by OUIEAH !, Ylab Arquitectos, Studioapart, Ovicuo Design, Ingenia Group, Isern Serra & Sylvain Carlet and Isabel López Vilalta + Asociados. Nearly a hundred professionals attended the tenth edition of the Forum of Interior Design & Retail, it was a total success of the call, we are very proud of the great reception it had, we appreciate your assistance and we wait for you in the next we do.

We were at the alent Creatiu i Empresa awards

We were proud to collaborate with the awards "Talent Creatiu i Empresa created by the Generalitat de Catalunya in its Department of Education. We shared the day with young people with great ideas and much ingenuity that brought freshness, great imagination and much enthusiasm in their projects.

Barcelona Design Week approached and CUBIÑÁ hosted one of its events

CUBIÑÁ invited you to one of the events that took place within the Barcelona Design Week program organized by BCD (Barcelona Center de Disseny) together with the FAD (Arts and Design Promotion). Varlet Design presented its new "RESORT COLLECTION", of "varlets". Useful accessories used as handbag holders for hospitality and, in this case, have been produced with fishing nets recovered from the ocean. The presentation began with a talk explaining the environmental problem posed by fishing nets abandoned at sea and how they can be reused. Pioneer hotels in sustainability policies, explained how the sector is positioning itself in this area and the opportunities that this implies for designers. Throughout that week we had a traveling exhibition of "varlets" in our showroom. So you know where you can leave your bag!

Meet... Andrés Cores

He joined Cubiñá, Andrés Cores, an interior designer with a unique point of view that will bring personality to your dreams. To get to know it better, we ask you to share some of its secrets ... What is your favorite color? Gray. / What decorative piece can not be missing in your home? Small accessories in black. / Your favorite material? Wood, preferably ebony. / A piece with which you identify ... Any of the teacher Gio Ponti, for Molteni & C. / Your favorite architect or designer? Mies van der Rohe.

BCD - Hotel Experience throught Design 2019

We began our stage as BCD partners by providing unique pieces of furniture for the "Hotel Experience throught Design" event that took place this last month at the Disseny Hub in Barcelona.

IESE - Doing Good, Doing Well 2019

IESE Business School organized the largest event in Europe in Responsible Business. From Cubiñá we returned to support the edition of this year 2019 providing our furniture.

The most beautiful bus in Barcelona...

... he toured the streets of the city this past spring 2019 !!!


We present the new advertising image 2019. We know that our clients are special people who find unique pieces in Cubiñá that fit their personality. And so we wanted to reflect it!