Cubiñá is an official distributor of Treku furniture with an exhibition in its store in Barcelona, where you can see and enjoy the high quality wood of this prestigious brand.

Northern wood furniture

The Treku brand was founded in the Basque Country in 1947 by the Aldabaldetreku family and today, it is managed by its third generation. Now, it is one of the most recognised contemporary furniture companies at both the national and international levels.

It began as a neighbourhood carpentry shop that was dedicated to the construction of small fishing boats. Today, it is a factory that is more than 12,000 m2 large. The current Treku is the result of yesterday’s experience and tomorrow’s thinking.

Responsible artisan industrial production

The Treku brand specialises in the production of wood veneer furniture. The natural veneer comes from responsibly sourced forests that they manipulate by hand to create their products. They also collaborate with other manufacturers that complement their capabilities and, together with them, they guarantee the best quality and service for their products.


Their ambition is to create unique products that help to create personal and pleasant spaces to live in. Their collections stand out for creating functionality and form, giving each object presence and subtlety. These objects represent a play between modern and classic, elegant and fresh.

Treku collections to divide up the furniture

Aurora Collection: created to configure sideboards and furniture for living/dining areas. Its design is inspired by bygone times and influenced by Nordic cultures. It has metal and wood feet designed to reinforce that retro/timeless image.

Lauki Collection: composed of multiple boxes that can be placed on the floor, stacked together, or placed on the wall. They offer a wide range of sizes, finishes, and functions (drawers, doors, open modules…). All this allows you to create an infinite number of configurations that work in any room.

Bost Collection: simplicity, innovation, and originality, without extravagance. This is the philosophy of Yonoh, the creative studio that designed the Bost shelving. The result is a product that harmonises wood and metal in an organic way and can serve in different spaces in a home or workplace.

Kai Collection: they have collaborated with the design studio Iratzoki & Lizaso. They have created a system that combines solid wood with different materials such as coloured lacquers, felt, and even marble. In other words, fine, quality materials are combined with fresher and more modern ones.

Lau Collection: dynamic, timeless, and elegant. The shelves offer the possibility of changing their composition whenever you want or need to, thanks to its simple horizontal design, which allows you to incorporate sliding doors and background and intermediate shelves finished in different colours and materials, giving it an air of movement, dynamism, and change.



Their designers and teachers


Ibon Arrizabalaga Arrasate




Silvia Ceñal


Angel Martí y Enrique Delamo


What does Treku offer?