Ligne Roset

Cubiñá is an official distributor of Ligne Roset furniture with an exhibition in its stores in Barcelona, where you can see and enjoy the modern and luxurious design of this prestigious brand.

Luxury taken to another level

For 160 years, Ligne Roset furniture has been synonymous with modern luxury, elegance, and the mastery of high-end Made in France furniture. 


Known for its ingenious collaborations with young people in contemporary design, Ligne Roset offers its customers the ability to experience a comfortable and convenient way of living within their homes through its collections of furniture and complementary decorative accessories, lighting, rugs, textiles, and occasional items.


Another distinctive, differentiating aspect of Ligne Roset is that it establishes its tradition of investing in collaborations with dynamic designers. Combining its deep faith and commitment to design with investment and technical innovation, Ligne Roset has grown from a small company into a multinational enterprise. At the same time, the company has been family-run since its inception in 1860.


Creativity is a key value of the Ligne Roset brand: if a new product demands new materials or production methods, they acquire them. Seating, furniture pieces, lighting, textiles, carpets, or bedding: the idea precedes it and the technique follows.

A universal design style

With more than 35 years of history, the Ligne Roset brand has stood out for its values and has always worked with the most interesting and talented designers. Their past and present collaborations are impressive, highlighting industry professionals such as Didier Gomez, Pascal Mourgue, Peter Maly, Pierre Paulin, Inga Sempé, and the Bouroullec brothers, among others.

The brand’s constant commitment to excellence has been admired internationally and awarded for it.

Ligne Roset has become an icon in the furniture industry and a leader in the world of international design.

Its Eco-Design values

Ligne Roset is committed to using exclusively “Bois d’origine PESC,” European wood products such as oak, walnut, ash, and beech from ecologically managed forests.

The components of the products it designs are increasingly compartmentalised to facilitate decomposition and, ultimately, recycling. 

They also assess the environmental issues associated with the product over the duration of its life cycle and the effects of production on the environment.


What does Ligne Roset offer?