Leds C4

Cubiñá is an official distributor of the Leds C4 furniture brand with an exhibition in its stores in Barcelona, where you can see and enjoy the most avant-garde lighting in the world.

Expert light creators

Light is the essential element for human life that brings energy, comfort, and security to living spaces and helps us discover every attribute of the environment.


Leds C4 is a company that focuses on both decorative and technical lighting. With more than 40 years of experience, it is dedicated to innovation, offering the best service and the best quality of light. Its goal is to improve people’s lives through essential lighting products for society.


The easy adaptation of Leds C4 products allows them to be used in a wide variety of spaces, adjusting to the customer’s needs. They design and develop projects at both a national and international level for the hospitality, retail, or residential sectors, among others.

Bringing life to every space through light

Its continuous growth is based on exploring the infinite possibilities offered by light in order to transform spaces through lighting solutions suitable for each space, both indoors and outdoors.


The Leds C4 brand is committed to the quality, durability, and performance of each lighting fixture, while the technical office and quality teams work on the continuous optimisation of materials, designs, and processes. Therefore, all products undergo extensive testing to ensure good performance throughout their lifetime.

Revolutionising the world of lighting

In less than a decade, LED technology has completely revolutionised the lighting industry, and Leds C4 was the first company in Europe to incorporate this new technology. It is possible to be competitive, robust, and efficient as well as innovative. As leaders in the sector, they work to optimise light sources based on cutting-edge technologies. They also contribute with new solutions based on shrinking products down, controlling the quality of light, and providing connectivity and digital services.

Bringing light to infinite spaces

One thing that sets Leds C4 apart is its ability to illuminate large spaces. Hotels, offices, shopping malls, museums, and residential areas need advanced lighting solutions. They require full control of each and every stage of the process, from conceptualisation to design, manufacturing, and installation. 


To illuminate the projects of architects, interior designers, and general designers, Leds C4 also has in-house teams that are specialised in designing customised solutions.


What does Leds C4 offer?