Cubiñá is an exclusive official distributor of Lago furniture with an exhibition in its stores in Barcelona, where you can see and enjoy the innovative, hand-crafted design of this prestigious brand.

Innovative tailoring of unique, hand-crafted design at Cubiñá

Lago is a brand that was founded in 1976 by Giuseppe Lago. Since its beginnings, it has designed and manufactured furniture Made in Italy, offering design furniture suitable for all domestic spaces, and also for places allotted to the community, such as hotels, restaurants, and workplaces.

Lago is present in more than 20 countries around the world and in more than 150 projects for hotels, commercial spaces, restaurants, bars, and offices, both in Italy and abroad, in cities such as Rome, London, Paris, and Saigon.

Modular design goes much further

Lago explores design in a systemic way, producing not only individual products, but also a series of versatile and combinable modular systems with which to furnish all home environments and spaces that lie beyond the limits of the domestic sphere.

The care taken in the manufacture of its materials

Lago Fabrica furniture is manufactured with great attention to the quality and durability of the materials, combining in each piece under the confidence in their industrial processes and the delivery of careful craftsmanship.


The strength of Lago furniture lies in its simplicity, thanks to its clean forms and language, and its modularity and architectural mimicry. With an innate capacity for dialogue with different styles and contexts, it is also developed in infinite shapes and sizes and can be dressed up in 32 different colours and innovative materials that make it distinguishable, unique, and vigorous.


Lago is a design system that pushes the idea of modular furniture, offering a series of versatile and combinable systems that can be used to furnish every room in the house, as well as spaces beyond it. Every aspect of a piece of Lago furniture is designed with the human need for comfort in mind: from the height and depth of the seat to the height of the table and the distance between chairs. Each piece can be configured individually or as part of a series that can be used to create a complete room layout, and changes in decor do not compromise comfort or functionality.

Can you imagine sleeping suspended in mid-air?

One of Lago’s bestsellers is Fluttua, the world’s first floating bed that defies the law of gravity, giving shape to the incredible sensation of sleeping while floating in mid-air. A single, height-adjustable central support frame lies underneath the bed, imperceptible to the eye. The careful engineering study allows for it to be installed on different types of walls, guaranteeing maximum safety for the user.


What does Lago offer?