Cubiñá is the exclusive official distributor of KP carpets and rugs with an exhibition in its Barcelona store, where you can see and enjoy the handmade design of this prestigious brand.

Leaders in contemporary carpets and rugs

The KP brand was founded more than 30 years ago in the capital of Madrid, carrying out its activity in the selection, production, and embroidery of modern carpets and rugs. Alfombras KP has positioned itself as the first manufacturer of made-to-measure carpets in Spain with an offer that reaches more than 60,000 different combinations.

Great variety of options in its catalogues

Collections of custom wool carpets, sisal carpets, modern carpets, acrylic carpets, designer carpets, handmade carpets, KEPLAN vinyl carpets, washable outdoor carpets… all of them with a wide variety of colour choices and a large number of finishing options. 


At Alfombras KP, they aim to make a difference, not just be any other brand in the sector of custom carpets and rugs. They have tried to create something different to set themselves apart themselves from the rest. This commitment pushes them to always keep their eyes wide open and in constant search of materials and quality decorative solutions that meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding customer.

Alfombras KP provides carpets that suit your environment

The KP brand provides different emotions for each type of space, as well as delineating them. Discover its wide catalogue of models with multiple designs and finishes to find the one that best connects with the bedroom, the living room, the terrace, or any environment you need.

Wool carpets, vintage style, long pile or shaggy, sisal, Nordic or outdoor, handmade carpets that are easy to clean with SmartStrand designs, soft to the touch, and with a wide range of colours to choose from.


What does KP offer?

  • Recycled eco-friendly carpets

  • Rugs suitable for disinfectant bleaches

  • Easy-to-clean rugs

  • Geometric rugs

  • Designer rugs

  • Easy-to-clean smart-fibre rugs 

  • Ultra soft rugs

  • Outdoor rugs

  • Long pile rugs

  • Vintage rugs

  • Wool rugs

  • Nordic rugs

  • Modern rugs

  • Designer rugs

  • Sparkling rugs

  • Sisal rugs

  • Vinyl rugs