Cubiñá is an official distributor of Actiu furniture with exhibitions in its stores in Barcelona, where you can see and enjoy the furniture destined for your workspace.

Comfort and productivity in workspaces

The Actiu brand was born in Castalla (Alicante) in 1995 after its founder gained broad experience in the furniture sector. 


Its mission is to create more comfortable and productive workspaces by manufacturing and marketing office furniture, made-to-order furniture, and other furniture solutions.


This original and creative experience takes its creations to international territories, thanks to its unique character. It is not only a matter of office desks or work furniture, but also of instruments to give a new impulse to professionalism, helping you to achieve every goal. Office spaces need to be enriched with practicality, refinement, flexibility, and the ability to respond to the different needs of modern working environments.

Innovation, ingrained in Actiu’s DNA

Actiu makes a presence in international markets with proposals for office furniture that astonishes viewers wherever it travels. Its design is synonymous with people, materials, shapes, colours, sensations, and experiences. 


The brand never ceases its creative action. Actiu’s commercial proposal is articulated according to the different needs of those who use an office as their workplace. All Actiu products are characterised by the concept of balance, which is established in the union between quality materials and functionality.


The use of reliable materials such as wood, glass, aluminium, and metal gives Actiu products a modern look, with a clear vocation for the new, the unprecedented. In fact, the modular workstations and the functionality of the furniture enhance even the most refined designs.

Recognised for its environmental awareness

Actiu’s commitment to sustainability has led it to be awarded the LEED Gold certification for the energy efficiency and ecological footprint of the buildings involved in the production processes.


Sustainability, respect for the environment, and care for people are Actiu’s main principles, and it has been promoting respect for nature and people in each of its projects for years.

The company has one of the largest industrial rooftop solar plants in Europe, with state-of-the-art technology capable of generating five times more energy than its facilities need and preventing the emission of 3,060 tons of CO2 per year.



Their designers and teachers

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